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Water for Africa

Powered by solar energy, our pumps provide water to schools, clinics, and rural communities.

Too many communities on the African continent do not have access to safe, clean water. This can lead to:


  • Disease from contaminated water.
  • Poor sanitation and poor health.
  • The inconvenience of having to travel long distances to fetch water, which means less time spent on other important activities – like education.
  • Hunger – when it’s harder to grow crops, more people go hungry.


Access to water can break the cycle of poverty. And Midlands Pumps can build the infrastructure needed to supply it.

We are the African Experts.

We are now servicing North Africa – Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Western Sahara and more.

We build solar-powered pumps, which means that no electricity is needed.

We provide a sustainable source of drinking water.

Borehole water is pure and reliable.

Communities with access to safe, clean water have a better opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

Find out more about our solar pumps for Africa.


We ensure water security for your community.

At Midlands Pumps, we specialise in installing boreholes in rural areas all over the African continent. From North to South, our goal is to give people access to clean, safe water.


We are the African experts in installing boreholes and pumping equipment, providing people with this basic need that helps them that will increase their quality of life and standard of living.


Africa needs water. We are here to provide it.

Midlands Pumps will set up your new water supply from start to finish:


  • Research
  • Siting and exploration
  • Drilling
  • Installation
  • Yield testing
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance support
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We provide a reliable water source to help communities thrive.

Your people deserve to have access to safe, clean water. Let us help you provide it.