Borehole Camera Investigations

Borehole inspection cameras provide a down-hole view and a detailed 360° continuous scan of sidewalls.

A side view allows an us to examine walls, casings, infiltration, screen, gravel pack, encrustations, deterioration, perforation blockage or other physical problems.The inspection is visible by the operator and a CD cut and downloaded onto a computer where an assessment can be made on how to correct any visible problems.

Actual pictures of the situation in a borehole show reality. There is no interpretation, no second guessing. What you see is what it is there. The data is captured onto a dvd.


  • Borehole logging
  • Inspection of broken off borehole equipment
  • Iron oxide/bacteria inspection
  • Ground water monitoring
  • Borehole/well evaluations
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Mining applications
  • Monitoring of engineering parameters
  • Lost tool recovery
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