Water is the lifeblood of survival. Our very existence and that of our livestock, agriculture, and industry relies on a stable supply of good quality water. From domestic homes to large-scale water-intensive enterprises, reliance on municipal water sources is both foolhardy and potentially dangerous. While the inconsistency of water access is both inconvenient and damaging to homes and businesses, the increasing evidence of poor water quality means our municipal water resources pose a very real threat as a long-term health hazard for water consumers. In searching for an alternative water source, unlock a pure, secure water source with Midlands Pumps.

Midlands Pumps are the Industry Leaders


Combined experience of 42 years, giving the Midlands Pumps team the background to assess, install, monitor, and maintain pumps and boreholes in the agricultural, domestic, industrial, and rural sectors.


Ground Water Association of KwaZulu-Natal and the Borehole Water Association of South Africa members, meaning you are assured of high standards of workmanship and systems in keeping with the latest industry trends.


System design right through to completion and commissioning (including steps such as geological siting, drilling, yield testing, water quality testing, borehole equipping, water filtration and treatment, storage, and pressure boosting), taking the headache out of implementing a fully-operational water system.


Midlands Pumps is geared to understand and strategies around farmers’ specific requirements.


Midlands Pumps nurtures relationships with both local and international suppliers, allowing them to source the most suitable solutions.


Midlands Pumps will assess the requirements, find the most suitable solution, at the most competitive price, and carry out the installation in a prompt and professional manner.

Avert worry around the quality and reliability of your water source and invest in long-term,
sustainable water solutions with Midlands Pumps.

Africa Needs Water

In alleviating demand in drought conditions, as well as meeting our general daily water requirements, the issue of unreliable water means many are forced to find sustainable solutions and often this is right in your back yard – underground. From widespread agricultural irrigation to small domestic set-ups, Midlands Pumps are the leading pump and borehole specialists. Serving South Africa and the rest of the African continent for over 25 years, their applied expertise enables them to assess every client’s unique requirements, conduct requisite. assessments, and implement the tools they need for a long-term water-related strategy.

See what our Clients have to say.

  • Carla Greyling

    Carla Greyling

    Midlands pumps offer excellent service! Phoned for someone to come have a look at our borehole.First thing the next morning we had someone here. Guys are professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Boreholes and Pumps.Would recommend them to anyone!

  • Ficksburg Rotary

    Ficksburg Rotary

    In 2010/2011 the Rotary Club of Ficksburg embarked on a project in Lesotho of providing boreholes for 6 High and Primary Schools as over 3,000 children had no access to water. After negotiating with Midlands Pumps, they were appointed to undertake the contract with outstanding results considering the harsh winter conditions experienced that year. We found their quality of work exceptional and all the work was completed in the specified time. Because of their high standard of work, they are currently completing another 2 boreholes at schools in Lesotho for Rotary International and shortly the work will be completed. The Rotary Club of Ficksburg has no hesitation in recommending Midlands Pumps for any work done concerning boreholes. Please do not hesitate in contacting me for any further information required.

  • JGP


    This is to verify that Midlands Pumps have successfully completed a borehole refurbishment programme for the abovementioned project. They deployed several teams to conduct a large amount of work in a very short time period. They refurbished some 160 boreholes for which their total contract value is R1.38M excluding VAT. They have conducted their works in a professional manner, maintained the programme to a satisfactory level, and provided a product over and above the requirements of the project. I trust this meets with your requirements and should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Geomeasure


    Geomeasure Group (Pty) Ltd has had an extensive working relationship with Midlands Pumps since it was established in 1990, and we have found them to be an extremely valuable company in the groundwater and water supply sectors, both in respect to the products they supply as well as the services they render. The professional team of Midlands Pumps are always ready and willing to offer advice on and service to the wide range of pumps and related equipment supplied by them, and have a wide knowledge and good understanding when it comes to customer requirements. This exemplary knowledge base makes them a leader in the field of pumping equipment for a wide range of applications. They are also able to assist with supplying maintenance and accessories for such equipment, and is able to provide feasible solutions and alternatives, which offers an enhanced customer experience. All pump systems installed by Midlands Pumps are completed in a professional manner and are of extremely high standards. Midlands Pumps ensures that each customer is completely satisfied with the final product, and will give assistance and comprehensive maintenance and service on a long-term basis. The borehole maintenance and cleaning services offered by Midlands Pumps through environmentally friendly solutions to remove biofilm and iron oxides from operational and non-operational boreholes and borehole installations are invaluable to ensure better borehole yields and long term reliability. The full range of borehole yield testing (pump testing) carried out by the staff of Midlands Pumps are done to a very high standard, and provide reliable and concise data, making the life of a groundwater consultant a pleasure!

  • Engeolab


    Since 2001, Engeolab cc has been involved with numerous geohydrological investigations, mainly in the KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape and Gauteng regions in SouthAfrica and other external projects abroad. A critical part of the successful completion of such projects relies on the use of reputable, trustworthy contractors. As such, Midlands Pumps has been the preferred contractor on numerous occasions in excess of 50 projects ranging from small reticulation, to large scale production borehole installations, test pumping and water treatment and remediation. Most notable, projects in Lesotho completed since 2011 included the test pumping and equipping of boreholes for 6 High and Primary Schools where over 3,000 children had no access to water. Their range of experience coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, hands them a distinct advantage especially where turn-key results are required, yet even the smallest of jobs receive their high quality attention. As a member of Engeolab Geohydrological Consultants, I have no hesitation in recommending Midlands Pumps for any work to be done in terms of test pumping of boreholes, pump installations, water treatment using Boresaver (for which they are the sole local agent) or general borehole remediation. Please do not hesitate in contacting the undersigned for any further information required