Boreline & Boreflow

A special rib will be incorporated in the cover to facilitate the attachment of securing cable straps for the electric cable. The Flexible Riser shall be constructed from high tenacity polyester yarns, which are circular woven and then totally encapsulated to form an integrated cover and lining of a high performance polyurethane elastomer, which is approved for use with potable water.

Boreline benefits at a glance:

Corrosion free and does not scale.

Is not subject to microbial attack.

Has tremendous tensile strength.

Superb hydraulic performance.

Has superior flow rates.

Comes in continuous lengths up to 200m/655ft.

Is lightweight and rolls flat.

Is easy to store, handle & transport.

Quick and easy to install and retrieve.

Less manpower required.

Potable water approved.

Long life expectancy.

Advantageous in restricted working areas.



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