Mediclinic Pietermaritzburg : Borehole Drilling and Borehole Installation

Client’s Problem: Looking for an affordable way to substitute the cost of water for the establishment, as well as provide water during municipal shortages

Client’s Requirements: Carry out installation of borehole submersible equipment in existing newly drilled borehole to supply water to hospital during municipal outages.

Borehole Location: Near Helipad at Pietermaritzburg Mediclinic

Equipment installation depth: 150 meters Below ground level

Equipment flow rate potential 120 000liters per day.

Pump equipment installed: 5.5kW 400 volt Wilo Stainless Steel Pump and Motor set.

Rising main pipe: Threaded uPVC pipe (Specially ordered for high pressure installations).

Control Panel: Motoscope Supra Protection c/w Pressure switch lockout automation for switching pump on and off when there is a suitable demand.

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