Clinton Ross : Solar Borehole Installation Project

Client’s Problem: Looking for a sustainable source of potable water that can provide for the residence, garden and wildlife, whilst utilizing renewable energy to power the system.

Client’s Requirements: Carry out siting, drilling and yield testing of new borehole to supply potable water for household, garden and wildlife watering hole on Mt Verde Wildlife Sanctuary Estate. Client has opted for renewable energy (Solar) for his household, and therefore requested the same for his borehole water supply- Completely off the grid.

Borehole Location: Approximately 500 meters away from existing tanks.

Drilled depth: 100 meters Below ground level

Available abstraction: 6000 – 8000 litre per hour.(72 000- 96 000 litres per day).

Required abstraction: 3 000 – 5000 litre per hour.

Pump equipment installed: 1.5kW 400 volt Wilo Stainless Steel Submersible Pump set.

Solar AC Variable Frequency: Schneider ATV315 1.5kW 500V

Solar Array: 27 x Caterpillar 115 watt thin film panels (3 x nine panel arrays).

Filtration: No filtration or water treatment necessary.

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