E.Sybox Pump and Tank

  Is having NO Water or constantly experiencing Water Shortages, becoming a norm?

Water shortages and the lack of water in South Africa and the rest of Africa is due to poor management of Government. Poor municipal pressure is becoming a common occurrence with reticulation pressure being reduced because of old and failing municipal infrastructure.  Water restrictors are being installed countrywide to reduce water consumption- Although the theory of this is good, often in practice the pressure reduction is just too great. This results in the lack of water in our homes and small to medium businesses.

  Are you experiencing Water Problems in your own home?

Have you been in the shower and slowly the water pressure decreases… it gets so low that eventually there are droplets of water dripping from your shower head. Suddenly it stops and there is NO water, leaving you cold, uncomfortable and shampoo still in your hair.

Have you arrived home after a long day at work or running errands to find out that NO washing has been done and you still can not do any washing as there is NO water

The lack of water in your home geyser can also cause major element failure and geyser failure, which ultimately results in greater, unnecessary costs.

Are you experiencing Water Problems in your Small to Medium business?

Lack of water and water shortages in small to medium businesses is problematic. NO water means :

  • No flushing of toilets
  • No washing of hands
  • No fresh drinking water flowing through the taps

This leads to an unhappy and unproductive work environment and the necessity to close your business until water is restored. This has a negative effect on the productivity to the business and on the country’s economy.

Why should you install The E.Sybox pump and tank Solutions?

  • It is extremely easy to install and connect. The E.Sybox solution is designed to be a plug and play
    system that anyone can install.
  • Variable speed and pressure transducer technology in pump ensures that there is a constant pressure
    at all times regardless of whether 1 tap is open or 4 taps are open- Traditional pressure system
    has a switch-on and switch-off pressure system, thus imposing a noticeable pressure fluctuation
    between switching cycles.
  • Variable speed technology is very efficient on electricity consumption- Can be as much as 50 percent
    more efficient than a traditional pressure system.
  • Soft start ensures less wear and tear on plumbing pipework, fittings and valves due to minimal
    hydraulic hammer.
  • The compact design ensures very little floor space is required for the installation.
  • The design of the pump ensures that is can be installed close to the buildings, as the noise is minimal.
  • The 1000 litre capacity should last an average household for 2-4 days in the event of a major outage.
  • Available in Grey and Khaki- Not the eye-sore Jojo green.

E.Sybox Pump and Tank Cost

Our cost structure is reasonable compared to the accrued cost over the next few years, that will result from the lack of water.

DAB E.Sybox Mini 0.75kW

R 9 000.00 + Vat

0.75kW 230 Volt Variable Speed Pump

DAB E.Sybox Mini 0.75kW + 900l Tank

R 11 000.00 + Vat

 754kW 230 Volt Variable Speed Pump c/w 900-litre KRM

DAB E.Sybox 1.1kW

R 13 300.00 + Vat

1.1kW 230 Volt Variable Speed Pump

DAB E.Sybox 1.1kW + 900l Tank

R 15 300.00 + Vat

1.1kW 230 Volt Variable Speed Pump c/w 900-litre KRM
Slimline Tank (2100mm x 765mm) and interconnecting fittings

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