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Borehole equipment, installations and repairs

A continent in crisis, you need to free yourself from inconsistent water supply!

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You need quality water and you need it now!

Southern Africa has been in the grip of devastating droughts before; 2017 being the worst in recorded history, which led to increasingly severe water shortages. Nearly R39 billion was sought for drought aid.

Closer to home, eight provinces were declared disaster areas. In KZN, bulk water supplier Umgeni Water warned that local dams could dry up. Water restrictions were widespread.

It wasn’t only access to water that was at risk. The quality of water from municipal sources was also being questioned, with recurrent illness and ailments being claimed by consumers.

Consumers are turning to alternative sources of water, a source that is reliable and pure: ground water, accessed through boreholes.


Only 9% of the country’s water supply is from the ground: 77% is from surface water/rivers and 14% from treatment plants. We need to relieve our dependency on supplied water and through installing boreholes, gain access to pure underground water.

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Trust in the experts

A borehole is a significant investment. It is money spent to secure the water security of your family and business. Installing and repairing of boreholes should be carefully managed by experts who undertake client liaison, research, exploration, drilling and installation, followed by reliable servicing and maintenance support.


To ensure the most positive results possible, consumers rely on the efficiency and expertise of Midlands Pumps – to provide borehole equipment as well as the installation and repair of boreholes.


Midlands Pumps is a successful family-run business that has been in operation since 1990.


Based in Pietermaritzburg, Midlands Pumps has a number of long-standing clients, including the Department of Water Affairs, Umgeni Water, most municipalities throughout KwaZulu-Natal and a large portion of the local farming population.

In 2010/2011 the Rotary Club of Ficksburg embarked on a project in Lesotho of providing boreholes for 6 High and Primary Schools as over 3,000 children had no access to water. After negotiating with Midlands Pumps, they were appointed to undertake the contract with outstanding results considering the harsh winter conditions experienced that year. We found their quality of work exceptional and all the work was completed in the specified time. Because of their high standard of work, they are currently completing another 2 boreholes at schools in Lesotho for Rotary International and shortly the work will be completed. The Rotary Club of Ficksburg has no hesitation in recommending Midlands Pumps for any work done concerning boreholes. Please do not hesitate in contacting me for any further information required.

Fiksburg Rotary


Our work is not limited to KwaZulu-Natal, as installations and product supplies have been distributed throughout southern Africa, and on many occasions further northwards through the continent.


Midlands Pumps services include, but are not limited to, siting of boreholes, drilling of boreholes, aquafer yield and water quality testing, installations and repairs to all pumping equipment.


We have also diversified our specialised portfolios to include services related to iron oxide management in boreholes, camera investigations, solar powered borehole equipment installations, and servicing and water filtration systems.


Should a portion of a project fall outside of Midlands Pumps’ scope of work, we employ the services of industry-leading experts for these projects.


Midlands Pumps is a member of the Ground Water Association of KwaZulu-Natal (GAKZN), an organisation with the sole purpose of improving the quality of the industry, limiting poor practice and preserving resource mismanagement, as well as a member of the Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa.


We only employ the services of affiliated members, and so ensure that a very high quality of product is produced.

“Africa Needs Water” is our slogan, and we understand that this is a real issue that needs to be urgently addressed, not only on a large scale, but also in our own back yard.